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CCTV Security Systems

What type of CCTV system do I need?

We can guide you through the different systems from cheaper solutions to the more expensive. Here is a basic overview:

Wired Home CCTV Systems

These are wired directly from camera to monitor. Although difficult to install, these are the most secure of all the systems.

Wireless Home CCTV Systems

This system transmits images using analogue or digital technology to your PC, tablet or mobile device. Many of these systems you can monitor via an app when not on the premises.

The downside of wireless systems is that they can suffer interference from other electronic devices, or blocked by infrastructure within your home. This can mean interrupted filming due to losing internet connection.

Day and night cameras
Remote monitoring via wired or wi-fi connections
Mobile monitoring via android or iPhone app
Triplex operation – playback, record and remote view simultaneously
USB back up of recordings

We can advise you of all your wiring needs for your home or business.

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